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Third parties working with "IRMAL":


Investments works and construction works

- Construction of factories, schools, etc. objects

- Construction of concrete tanks-round,

Repairs and upgrades, comprehensive works in all industries:

We are part of an international group of Sika formed in the early twentieth century in Switzerland, which is currently the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality specialty chemicals for construction and industry.

Manufacturer of materials of construction chemicals industry used for the implementation of hardened concrete industrial floors, repair, strengthen and protect concrete, filling expansion joints, insulating concrete.


Company BAUTECH offers concrete floors, industrial floors, preservatives hardeners. Check out our wide range of products. Welcome.

ArcelorMittal is the largest steel producer in Poland, employing more than 10,000 employees in six locations in Silesia and Malopolska.

STALBET steel fibers used for reinforcement of concrete scattered provide ideal material for highly loaded industrial surfaces and surfaces communication. In addition to changes in the physical characteristics of the concrete application of steel fibers allows for the elimination of shrinkage cracks formed in the early hours of hardening concrete.

Metal Products Works SA Slawkow is a company that is among the leading Polish producer of cold rolled steel products. We are on the market for over 140 years. Our products are widely used in industrial, developer and individual.

To our customers we can provide: ready-mixed concrete each class and consistency, ready-mix concrete with additives plasticizers, sealants, upłynniającymi and mrozoodpornymi, concrete reinforcement distributed, ballast for stability paving, concrete transport to the construction site and pumping in formwork.

Company Górażdże Beton Sp. z o.o.  is one of the largest producers of ready-mixed concrete in Poland, operating in 50 factories located throughout the country.
Lafarge Concrete specializes in the production of high quality ready-mix concrete used in construction and road industry. Wide range also includes innovative concretes Agila ™ and Artevia ™, and a variety of special concretes.

Dyckerhoff Poland Sp. z o.o. selling more than one million tons of cement per year is considered to be one of the ten largest cement producers in Poland. Cement quality and customer satisfaction are the elements, which asks the most attention and is given to the most effort and resources.

Success gives us the right: after a few years, we deserve to say "supplier of building materials for the construction industry" - with products that are both classic and innovative as well as services tailored to customer needs.

Cemex Poland is a leading producer of cement, concrete and aggregates on the Polish market. Offered by us is a cement and concrete products of the highest quality.

Distributor of high-end film's construction and the accompanying materials.

EWPA Heavy Machinery Company Ltd.. Ltd. is located in Komorniki near Poznan. It was founded in 1989. The main spheres of our activity is the sale, rental and repair of construction equipment.