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Laser screed

Crucial elements of the manufacturing technology of "laser screed" rely on dramatically increasing the accuracy and speed of execution of concrete floors. A new generation of machines - Laser Screed SXP - has the following characteristics suggestive of innovative technologies:

  • Full-time electrical system diagnostics - alerts the operator instantly should an electrical fault occur within wires, switches, connectors, etc., and suggests a fault location.
  • Full-time hydraulic system diagnostics - provides hydraulic system information to the operator regarding system and manifold pressures, supply and return filter conditions, and hydraulic oil level and temperature.
  • Full-time engine performance diagnostics - alerts the operator instantly should a fault or engine concern occur. Provides engine operating parameters to the operator.
  • Joystick steering - the operator can steer the machine without releasing his grip on the joystick controllers for enhanced operator ergonomics.
  • Auto stabilizers - preset stabilizer-extend and retract positions saves time with each set-up of the machine for screeding pass.
  • Operator-adjustable - preset boom travel, boom rotate, and head rotate speed settings for accurate and repeatable operator control.
  • Operator-adjustable - preset boom travel, boom rotate, and head rotate speed settings for accurate and repeatable operator control.

Concrete placement is fast changing. Make the SXP®-D the cornerstone of your placement team and you'll never be left behind!


  • Ability to set and hold a constant boom speed during a pass
  • Reverse functionality between joysticks to quickly diagnose an electrical issue or operate the entire machine with one joystick


  • The patent pending soft-landing feature makes a perfect landing possible on every pass
  • The off-set screedhead prevents "boilback" on the right side of your screedhead - resulting in a uniform screed pass


  • Save on labor costs while your crew stays happier focusing on finishing high quality screeded slabs
  • Fewer days on each site
  • Finish the day quicker
  • Cut labor costs by reducing hours on the site
  • More volume per day

Innovation is also a very flexible machine that can adapt to changing properties of the concrete mix, temperature-dependent variation and rheological characteristics of a variety of compounds, related to the widespread use of chemical admixtures and mineral admixtures for concrete. This allows you commonly use concrete environmentally friendly, made ​​from local materials or waste derived by radically reduced carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere and reduced energy intensity of production. Can be used in concrete reinforcement dispersed within easy access combine SXP Laser Screed on hastening the pace of work and more durable floor. High efficiency density ensures the homogeneity of the concrete strength of the concrete and thus a sufficiently high load structure and surface abrasion resistance. The applied technical innovations have resulted in increased productivity turning machine - usually performed floors with an area of ​​2500m2 per day, up to 5000m2 per day.

Traditional technologies are labor intensive concrete work, vague and have long been an area of ​​particular interest because of the possibility of eliminating manual labor. Automation of concrete work has brought significant results in a few cases, and appear to be particularly efficient multifunction devices, which include grain flooring SXP Laser Screed. The use of innovative technical solutions possible to achieve radically increased productivity with high-precision surface finish and high-quality built-in concrete.

SXP-D Specifications

Overall Width 16' - 6" (5.02m) at 14.5' screed head
14' - 7" (4.45m) at 12.5' screed head
7' - 2" (2.19m) outside of tires
Overall Length 17' - 2" (5.23m) driving with boom retracted
29' - 7" (9.02m) transport (14.5' head)
28' - 2" (8.59m) transport (12.5' head)
Overall Height 8' - 1" (2.46m) top of seat back
Weight: 17,800 lbs (8,073 kg)
Boom Reach 20 ft (6.1m)
Upper Frame Rotation 360 degreespni
Engine 66 hp (49 kW) – Tier 4i – electronically controlled 4 cylinder turbo diesel
Laser Control System GCS 210 Control System




New Somero STS-132 Topping replaces the STS-130. This completely redesigned Topping can accurately and efficiently spread a layer of curing on concrete floors.

New STS-132 gives you the freedom to work anywhere without losing the restrictions of conventional fertilizer. The high level of maneuverability makes it easy to spread a layer of closely around columns and other obstacles. STS-132 has an increased number of new features, electronic joystick control, automatic supply system, computer-controlled performance and increased productivity.

Shake-on hardeners are being specified at an increasing rate. Be ready to take advantage of this opportunity with the Somero STS-132 Topping Spreader.

STS-132 Dane techniczne
Overall Width 7' - 4" (2.23 m) Outside of Tires
7 '- 4 "(2,23 m) Poza Opony
Overall Length 18' - 4" (5.3 m) Driving with boom retracted
18 '- 4 "(5,3 m) Jazda z boomem wsuniętym
39' - 9" (11.4 m) Spreading with boom extended
39 "- 9" (11,4 m) Rozprzestrzenianie z boomem rozszerzonym
Overall Height 8' - 0" (2.45 m) at top of Operator's Seat
8 '- 0 "(2,45 m) w górnej części fotela operatora
Ground Clearance 0' - 10" (0.25 m) under raised stabilizers
0 '- 10 "(0,25 m) pod podniesionymi stabilizatorami
Weight (Nominal) 14,000 lbs (6350 Kg) empty
14000 funtów (6350 kilogramów) pusty
16,500 lbs (7484 Kg) Full hoppers
16500 funtów (7484 kilogramów) Pełne leje

Boom Travel

Wheel Base

21' - 5" (6.52 m)

5' - 6" (1.68 m)

Track 6' - 0" (1.84 m)